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  • 7 Secrets to Achieving Enlightenment

    So you seek enlightenment, and you keep trying, but life seemingly remains a series of hurdles. You ask yourself: “when will end?” You buy a new self-help book, you try a [...]
  • Good Grief!

    “I’m fine,” my client responded as she sat down in front of me. While she was wearing a brave smile, I could see that her words and baring her teeth in a manufactured [...]
  • Developing Top View Perspective

    I was six years old when my parents sent me to Cairo, Egypt to visit my grandmother. What I did not know, is that I was also going to have my tonsils removed. I was carried [...]
  • The Journey to Self-Awakening

    No matter how your “life-movie” pans out, the opportunity to change it is always present. Although emotional upheavals and adverse situations can build personal [...]
  • Why Personal Resilience?

    Life and business are full of unexpected challenges and hardships. To succeed we must embrace our inner warrior. We must find our resilience. Resilience is our ability to [...]
  • From Resilience To Success

    Without resilience, we are at the mercy of the universe. We’re left feeling battered by the unexpected, overcome with emotions and incapable of making strong decisions. [...]
  • The Writer’s Journey

    Julia’s journey in publishing started about 20 years ago, and includes working with Element Books, Penguin and Random House. Her track record includes UK no 1 and [...]
  • New Threats To Humanity

    This article attracted my attention, because global climate change is NOT something I often think about when I first wake up! Yet, it is something that we can no longer [...]






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