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The Journey to Self-Awakening

very person is entitled to joy in their lives

No matter how your “life-movie” pans out, the opportunity to change it is always present. Although emotional upheavals and adverse situations can build personal resilience, the ability to survive and “plough thorough”; they can also, just easily offset our balance, and take their toll on our physical bodies.

Every person is entitled to joy in their life. it is not necessary to create a burden, or”dis-ease”, which you carry through life on your back. Taking time out to find that balance is crucial to stop negative patterns setting in and creating physical disease- a lesson that I learnt the hard way.

In Ketheric Well-being, we refer to it as Personal Resilience; being flexible enough to act timely and in the right manner. The more that you allow your authentic self to emerge, the more that you will find that when it comes to dire emotional situations, the heart, which rightfully sits between your head, the centre of thinking process, and your gut, the centre of your instincts; is the moral compass that guides you through the quagmire. In a world that is forever changing, your heart centre is the crucible that can dissolve your fear of change, and give hope to the dreams you aspire to. Take good care of it. Moreover, for healing to take place, the human body, mind, emotions, actions and its environment must be addressed as one.

How we process our emotions is what gives us our unique identity as human beings; our right of self-determination. If you like, the opportunity to recognize that with each experience, good or bad, we have a choice. That choice is whether to invite more pain in our lives, or more happiness and joy; to behave as expected when our personal reality is threatened; or to step up, individuate and allow our authentic self to shine through by exercising that choice. The authentic-self emerges when the Four Dimensions of Change (BEMA: body, emotions, mind and accountability) are in alignment.

It is here, in this second dimension of change, that you the Observer, or the Witness, is particularly called upon to lovingly monitor your emotional ebbs and flows to expose with the curiosity of an explorer, utilising your daily journal, your response patterns and thinking loopholes. This work is what will develop your awareness, so you can make better decisions and accept their consequences as you design your life; which can be empowering.

As life is a journey indeed, think of your physical body as your vehicle. When we are oblivious to our emotions, we are at the risk of running our vehicle into the wall! The emotional reactions you experience act as “alert” signals, or sign posts along your path. They pop up along your journey to help you grow as an individual by focusing your attention on what you need to explore and confront about yourself. Developing your awareness will help you interpret these signs, and steer your life.

Finally, allowing your authentic self to emerge is possible by working through your heart centre. In a world that is forever changing, your heart centre is the crucible that can dissolve your fear of change, and give hope to the dreams you aspire to. Take good care of it.

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