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Polarity Screens

Helps with many common forms of energy imbalance such as stress, tension, depression, fatigue, and insomnia.

Polarity Screens
Enhance the natural circuit of “conductivity” by polarizing the descending energy down the frontal line of the body and ascending energy up the spinal line of the body.

Polarity Screens

Helps with many common forms of energy imbalance such as stress, tension, depression, fatigue, and insomnia. Recommended by Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

I have both, the American and British version and use them regularly. Both work just as well, it depends on cost of shipping where you are ordering them from. UK one comes with a leaflet I bought many for my family members. USA one comes with a book and case to store the screens and the rods are slightly thicker.

The plates work on the level of the physical and etheric bodies. The etheric body contains the blueprint for optimum well-being, this sparkling matrix of energy pathways interpenetrated the physical body. Stress can come from a variety of sources and is recognised as a major factor of ill-health, therefore any means of reducing stress will be of benefit in healing a wide range of disorders.

When our energy is open and flowing freely we are at ease, inspired, creative and energised. When it is not we experience fatigue, tension, pain and frustration. It is rare these days to find ourselves in a place where we are not bombarded with electrical signals from phone, television and radio etc. To find this we would need to be climbing a mountain, walking over the moors or paddling by the sea.

When we are in such close proximity to modern-day technology, the air is full of something called positive ions. Sitting in front of a computer or walking in a large shopping mall, the air is full of them, this is one of the factors that cause us to feel tired and stressed. Whereas, outside in nature the air is charged with negative ions, we feel renewed and relaxed, we have more energy.

Stress also arises from our attitudes and emotions, especially when they become suppressed for one reason or another. This too plays a major part in the overall flow of our energy and our sense of self and well-being. With each stressful thought of worry, concern, fear or pain there is a muscular contraction somewhere in your body.

Studies at the University of Pennsylvania showed organs deteriorated at different rates within the same body; they found tiny muscle spasms squeezed off the lifelines to the deteriorated organs so starving them of vital nutrients. The blood supply itself (supplier of oxygen) was literally squeezed off by tiny, almost microscopic muscles that exist for dilating and constricting the vessels and capillaries.

USA: Polarity Screens.



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