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My Favourite Memories & Recipes of Summer

Summer time always reminds me of the mountains in Lebanon where we used to spend the kids summer holiday’s. There was a lot of entertaining and a lot of parties; the whole holiday was spent between the beach and the mountains, and always around the dinner table. The first thing that springs to mind about summer entertaining is eating alfresco, lots of barbecues and salads. It also reminds me of the time we were living in Dubai. Every Friday, which was the weekend there, was spent round the pool with a barbecue at the ready and all of our friends round for lunch.

It was there that I started making my Spinach and Aubergine Fattah, because it is a very light and a great summer dish best served alongside grilled meat, chicken, and fish. When one lives in a hot climate, the type of food one would like to eat is refreshing salads, cooling dishes. Since at last, summer time has arrived to London, most of our regular customers would have noticed the menu changing to fit with the climate. My mother used to always cook with yoghurt in the summer months because of its cooling qualities. One of my favourite dishes is spaghetti cooked with natural goats yoghurt which is actually extremely light and delicious, and so simple and easy to prepare. The swiss chard and lentil soup is a great soup for the summer and the winter, because it is delicious both hot and cold.

Recently I gave a few cooking lessons for a very good customer of ours. The dishes she asked to learn were the swiss chard and lentil soup, and the chicken and onion stew. She could not get over the fact of how simple they both were to prepare. All the dishes that I make in the deli, are simple yet nutritious dishes, for I am a firm believer that simplicity in everything is beauty.

Last July marked Amoul deli’s second year anniversary, it feels like yesterday, though in many ways, it seems that we have always been here. I would like to thank all of our customers for their support along-the way, especially the great support for the month of February when we were able to raise money for save the children fund, for the children affected by the tsunami disaster. I hope we will always be able to make a difference even if it is in a small way.


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