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Transform Your Life with BEMA

lays the foundation of my unique, tried and tested self-transformation process

Ketheric Well-Being Book: The Four Dimensions of Change, the first in a series of books on personal development, lays the foundation of my unique, tried and tested self-transformation process as a system which helps the readers to become aware of their authentic identity, or true self; defined as an alignment of heart, mind and, accountability to any undertaken actions or decisions. It offers the reader a unique approach to positive self-transformation, starting with self-awareness, focusing on allowing the authentic self to emerge, and resulting in bringing the reader into alignment with their life path and purpose.

I call this methodology Ketheric Well-Being, which is based on The Four Dimensions of change. In my book, I refer to actual client cases and the practical Tools for Life™ which I have developed to help my clients.

The conscious command of The Four Dimensions of Change is the key to enabling the reader to align with their life path, and recognising their authentic identity. In a world that is forever changing, accessing our authentic self becomes the crucible that can dissolve our fear of change, and gives hope to the dreams we aspire to.

The basic argument of this book is straightforward; it is that The Four Dimensions of Change, as identified by me, Body, Emotions, Mind and Accountability of Actions, or BEMA, are a mechanism that is always interacting within an individual to induce changes which can either produce greater chaos and pain where life seems to be discordant, out of control and, where the reader perceives themselves as a “victim”; or can be used to enhance the reader’s own level of awareness to understand their own experiences, enabling them to be an “active participant” of a harmonious life, achieving an alignment with their life path and purpose. When in alignment, life naturally becomes more enjoyable, or harmonious.

Working with the Four Dimensions of Change becomes a process effecting positive changes. The reader starts to perceive their life as interactive game that can be actively directed, thus undergoing self-empowerment. Consequently, the false self-image, concepts, and beliefs that have been creating conflict and, pain, distracting the reader from fulfilling their fullest potential, are discarded. The reader emerges as an active, empowered, resilient participant of the life they desire. In developing personal resilience, the reader become the master of their destiny.

© Sahar Huneidi-Palmer

Self-alignment & harmony with Ketheric Well-Being self-transformation process. © Sahar Huneidi-Palmer

The term Ketheric Well-being is used to describe the process of building awareness, alignment, and personal resilience. The Ketheric layer of the aura is the strongest, most resilient outer level of the auric field. Ketheric Well-Being indicates the resilience which an individual develops as they adopt this “wholistic” self-transformation process.

Ketheric Well-Being Book: The Four Dimensions of Change is not about developing immunity from life’s challenges; rather, it helps the reader learn how to use them to enrich their lives and avoid being overwhelmed by a series of hurdles. It is a “wake up and take charge of your life” book that teaches the reader to mindfully observe BEMA, and how to hone it in order to yield positive self-transformation. BEMA, the mechanism for inducing change, becomes BEMA the process of self-transformation, developing inner strength, character and purpose.

© Sahar Huneidi-Palmer (the above article is an extract from my upcoming self-help book Ketheric Well-being: The Four Dimensions of Change)





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