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Be Your Own Guru

Awareness is about registering our feelings & observation to allow our understanding of self to grow

Working as a spiritual/personal awareness counsellor has had numerous rewards for me over the years. Whenever I see a client for a session, an exchange of information and wisdom takes place and I learn and grow from their journey as much as they do. Walking the spiritual, or as I refer to it the personal awareness, path is very much about the awareness and feedback. We observe ourselves, as well as receive feedback from others as we interact and in the way we react to what happens as life unfolds.

Spirituality is a continuous process that we need to be ‘consciously’ aware of. We also, need the honesty to admit which patterns no longer serve us and identify others that need to evolve. Keith Casburn, author of Principles of The Universe, says, “There is no need for a martyr, for a guru or a master. The time has passed. You are on your own. You must seek, on your own.” As with most lessons in life, you get out of it as much as you are willing to invest.

So, what are you investing in and what is life about? Walter Last, author of The Natural Way to Heal- 65 ways to Create Superior Health, writes, “The purpose of life, including our human life, is the evolution of consciousness. The aim of our human existence is to become as fully human as possible, to realise or make real the full potential inherent in the human condition, the biological, the emotional, as well as the mental level..”

But what is spiritual awareness? In his lecture on ‘Spirituality and consciousness’, Keith Casburn, also author of Izaris, says: “Spirituality is reading a book, eating a meal, having an argument. Spirituality is going through divorce, giving birth to a child. Spirituality is swimming in the sea, staying in a luxury hotel, staying in the YMCA. Spirituality is living and breathing.” Anything that we go through and everything that we experience can enhance our awareness, or consciousness, and become a spiritual experience. It is this sense that we are all connected – everything in the universe is connected.

We need to be aware that our actions and thoughts do affect others as well as our environment, nature and other beings. This process of awareness is about registering our feelings and observation so that with time our understanding and awareness grows.

Casburn warns however, “ Chaos does not stop no matter how much understanding you have. You are not immune from anything. None of us are. The understanding that we gain allows us to have a perspective. That can be comforting. Because you know that you are not alone, you know that you have common denominator between you and absolutely everybody else. That their experience is your experience, is their experience.”

And, why is experience necessary? Because it helps us find and develop your own sense, individual expression and understanding. It is, in essence, our own first-hand knowledge. In a nut shell, this is what spiritual awakening is about. As Walter Last argues, “You cannot become a master by remaining a follower .. spiritual guidance that comes from within rather than the established rules and doctrines of church and society”.

Pointers to being your own guru

  • Keep an open mind and heart so you are able to observe your life, like a movie, rather than reacting to it. Then you awareness will grow.
  • Rely on your own wisdom – your experiences are individual; what you learn them is particular to you.
  • The lessons do not stop but steering the path gets easier!

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