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Personal Resilience

What we refer to as “Ketheric Well-Being” is the development of personal resilience: the development of Body, Emotions, Mind and Accountability of our actions (BEMA) . It’s name is inspired from the protective Ketheric layer of the human aura, which is the strongest and most resilient layer of the auric field. The Ketheric layer is the outer layer, that encompasses and holds all the other layers within.

We use Ketheric to indicate the protection of the individual on all levels by developing personal awareness and a “wholistic” approach in the maintenance of physical, emotional, and mental health at all levels using diet, exercise and other therapeutic means. By adopting Ketheric approach, a person is not as vulnerable to life’s changes, but can adapt to change and integrate it and continue to enjoy living; thus resilience.

This Blog, expands on Ketheric Well-Being, a self-development process, which Sahar Huneidi-Palmer has developed, as a result of over 24 years experience; and which is explained in the upcoming book, Ketheric Well-being: The Four Dimensions of Change.

Mind & Body

Your body and mind are great gifts, enjoy them, and nurture them, and you will enjoy life to the full. Enjoyment of life is not about money, or what other people think of you, it’s about being comfortable and happy in your own skin, radiant and loving – knowing the joy of living.


We believe that well-being requires that you take responsibility for the way you live your life, the way eat, that you need to manage your life in order to achieve well-being. This means understanding your dietary needs – and the dangers of “manufactured” and processed foods, the need for proper nutrition (that is the foods that your body needs), your need for exercise and care of your body. We are not trying to make you believe that you can ignore your age, we are not all 20 year olds, but well-being involves being the best you can be at any age.


Well-being is not something you can buy, it does not come out of a bottle advertised with impossible promises, it does not happen just by following the advice of friends and family, it needs work and for you to take responsibility – it’s not easy. However, the rewards are there to see and once you understand that you are in control you will not want to look back.

Human beings developed, as a species, in difficult circumstances, walking is our natural mode of travel, not motor cars, our bodies are designed to be used, to take exercise, and our diets evolved over thousands of years to support our health. Our ancestors did not live on hamburgers, french fries and sugary sodas, they ate vegetables, fish when available, and those animals they could catch. We have to learn how to reestablish our natural modes of behaviour and diet, to use our bodies in the way that they were designed to be used.

We have been too often mislead by clever advertisements and bad examples, people will not like you because you drink a well-known brand, you will not feel happier, in fact you will stress your system out with sugar. We cannot afford to be lazy, far too many of us have become ill, over-weight, or depressed, as a result of our life styles. The hospitals are full, there are even special wards for the extremely obese –  but there is no medical problem causing obesity. Most people are obese because their calorie intake over time has not matched their calorie burn.

The Joy of Being Alive

We can experience joy in our lives, no matter what our circumstances – if you need an example of this just read Viktor Frankl’s account of his experiences in German concentration camps –

As the inner life of the prisoner tended to become more intense, he also experienced the beauty of art and nature as never before. Under their influence he sometimes even forgot his own frightful circumstances. If someone had seen our faces on the journey from Auschwitz to a Bavarian camp as we beheld the mountains of Salzburg with their summits glowing in the sunset, through the little barred windows of the prison carriage, he would never have believed that those were the faces of men who had given up all hopes of life and liberty.”
(from “Man’s Search for Meaning”)

Create Your Own Well-being

Ketheric is NOT a medical resource (there are plenty of medical practitioners in the world), but it is about self-maintained well-being. Our tag line is “Create Your Own Well-being”, a reminder and an affirmation that we all have self-will, and are responsible for what we (can) create in our lives. Always refer to your physician before following any advice or regime.






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